Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Life of Laughter, Love, and Vision

"Shari was such a fun person," says Lindsay Kelstrom, Shari's friend since childhood and college roommate. "She was all about the experience. She wanted to travel and sky dive. She wanted to live her life and enjoy it."

Everyone who knew Shari Booth loved her. She was described by her family as being energetic, lively, caring, and vivacious.Shari was a talented individual. She had a gift for music, art, and taming difficult animals.

"She always wanted a challenge," says Shari's mother. "When given the chance, Shari would take the horses no one else wanted to work with."

Her love of animals was very obvious - especially her love for horses. When she came to college, Shari even brought her horse, "Rooster," and boarded him near the university campus so she could feed him every night.

Shari also had a passion for sharing Jesus. She was very honest and sincere.

"She never sugar-coated anything," says Lindsay. "She gave it to you straight, and people loved that about her."

Like her grandfather, Ernest Booth, Shari was a visionary. She looked forward to the future and made grand plans. She intended to spend the 2008-2009 school year studying in Italy.
In spite of her serious, straight-forward side, Shari also knew how to have fun. A few days before the incident, Shari and a friend were enjoying the spring weather, driving through the countryside. At some point, someone had the idea of attempting a jaunt through a farmer's field.

Laughing, they bounced in the seats of Shari's pickup, making their way across the wheat field. Little did they know it had recently been watered...and the ground was an ocean of mud. They were soon very stuck, and were forced to abandon the truck in the middle of the field.
Family and friends will always remember Shari for her sense of humor, her passion for adventure and experience, and her love for animals, people, and Jesus.

We will always remember Shari.
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